The Eco-Capsule by Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System

All Our Capsules are 100% degradable


EcoPure. The “Green” Heart of our capsules.

We designed and realized our capsules using an innovative plastic material made of propylene and adding EcoPure. A component which guarantees the same flavour preservation of the coffee as the traditional capsules, and also allows the plastic, dumped through waste separation, to biodegradate.

230 times quicker compared to traditional plastic materials

Plastic can basically be considered a non-biodegradable material, since it may needs a very long time to dissolve itself. Adding EcoPure as an additive inside the plastic composition makes the dissolving process quicker, allowing an effective and real biodegradability.

In line with the European Guidelines

The Ecology Research Institute, a prestigious scientific organization, operating with the University of Milan, realized a biodegradability test and certified that the material which our capsules are made of is in line with European Guideline CE 94/62 concerning to the “last biodegradability aerobic determination in conditions of controlled compostage ISO 14855”.